Imogen, 24, from the UK. I'm here to post my mediocre game fanart, see other people's wonderful game fanart, and try not be a dick.

Thing I like a lot: AI and robots, elves, ladies and stuff

My Art
Samantha Traynor
Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Alexandria Shepard
Faolan Mahariel
Cera Hawke


tulabear said: You could look at in game screen shots of her, or if you wanted to use a live model, check out Parminder Nagra. I can see it’ll be pretty awesome when you’re done, though! <3 

Yeah, I usually use various in-game screenshots and video clips as references, it just sometimes takes me a while for me to figure out the features that make her seem slightly off while I’m working on it. I think her cheekbones are a bit too high and her jaw is too pointed. But thank you, I’m glad you like how it’s going!

  1. tulabear said: Stupid reply limit. Slightly chubbier cheeks, I meant. And maybe pull her head back just a bit? Sorry if I’m coming off like a pretentious twat of an art critic!
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