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    ADiBaW - Goth1 by ArcanaPhotographic

    Yesterday I directed my first photoshoot. I also modelled and did make-up (since this was an amateur party not a big professional thing- it was such a fun day!). That’s me in the picture, showing off my (accidental) bi pride hair. In the link there are more pictures (some contain body paint, nudity, and a snake). Check them out if you like!

    What you can’t see from the pictures is the cheesy 80s music in the background, or how we danced to it like embarrassing drunk uncles while dressed as Serious Goths. 

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    Woah. This sweater has a life of its own.


    was this worth it


    so WORHT IT

    r ea ll y th o

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    Game Of Thrones gets auto-tuned and it’s goddamned delightful.

    I am fucking jumping up and down and nearly crying this is so cool

    hoooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiit

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    Did you hear about the entire city that was stolen from Yorkshire?

    The police still don’t have any Leeds.

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    these are fucking age of empires memes i cannot believe how amazing the internet is

    Sure there are lots of “better” games out there, but I just can’t love a game without foibles like these.

    *narrows eyes*

    As a player of only Age Of Empires (and none of the sequels) I only really identify with about half of these.

    Building a wall around your wall is a legit real-world thing! Generally you’d have some things in between, but it happens.

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    Some background: I’ve worked in gaming since 1994. I’ve worked in video game QA (quality assurance) for 8 years.

    This is the FINEST glitch I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE - and that includes the World of Warcraft “turn north and crash” bug I keep running into.



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    okay you cuties here’s a giveaway for you <3

    • likes and reblogs both count (you can reblog as many times as you want)
    • you have to follow me (new followers are welcome)
    • the prize is a drawing of any one character of your choice (my art tag)
    • I’ll pick two winners
    • ends on April 20th

    *smooches all your faces*

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    u saying shit about the north

    im gonna take you out mate

    to jesmond

    i know a lovely wine bar

    youre in for the night of your fucking life

  16. I like a documentary where in the first minute, there is a grown man crying about how much he wants to be nice to dogs

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